+DMSL 01 : Viva Las Vegas!

What better way to kick start my first blog posting other than with the wonderful captures from my recent adventure, Las Vegas. I was lucky enough along with two other creatives from work to endure 4 days in the infamous city of sin. We embarked on what most said to be, "the most life changing" trips of our lives. The reason? Why Photoshop World of course ( while may I add was the highlight of the entire trip ). Vegas was an ongoing spectacle, which left me with traumatizing nightmares of native locals flickering ""not so discrete" pornographic cards at each pedestrian. Not to mention, the overpriced dining. Nonetheless,the food was worth every penny! Needless to say, if there is one thing that I took away from this trip was that this was no place for a college student on a budget. Despite the overwhelming state of Vegas, I still awe at the sight of mountains peering in the background, calling us out to play. Until next time, Viva Las Vegas!

Photos courtesy of Grant Cavaluzzi